This is the Official Brighton and Hove Bus app for Windows.BHlogo_RGB

The App is built and managed during any spare time outside work.

You can view the Version History and any other notes about any recent issues with the app.

If you would like to pass on a suggestion or a problem then please contact Brighton Buses on or @BrightonHoveBus

**Update: 04/11/2017**

Due to the recent announcement made by Microsoft. This app will continue to function, however, development has been paused.


Latest Version:

Version the Store (Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile)
A Major Workaround has been put in place for the times to work.

Current Development (On Hold):

Version – Long Term development (Currently On Hold)

  • Update App to Windows 10 UWP


Previous Versions:

Version 4

  • User Interface: New User Interface Planned for this version.
  • Next Bus Feature: New way to see the Next Bus at your home stop.
  • Stops: Quicker way of selecting the stops
  • Services: Quicker way of selecting the stops.
  • Maps: New larger view for the maps.
  • News: Improved the News, one feed for them all.
  • Live Times: No more search button to find your stop, saves your recent searched stops.
  • Background: Change the background.
  • Pinned Stop: Notify if you have already pinned that stop.
  • Information: Information updated on the live times page and easy for me to send information to that page. This was removed due to an issue.
  • Look of the App: Better support for the Light Theme.


  • Natpan Codes/Bus Codes: Removed where possible. This was re-introduced later on due to the feed was changed.


  • Timetables: Improved the integration.


  • Services: Removed the Night Buses due to a problem. These came back in later update.
  • Bus Stops: Now able to view bus stops after selecting a service.
  • Select your Service: This has been improved by using a different feed.


  • News Section: This is not working, so this has been removed. This has now been fixed.
  • Refresh: Updated the code on the Main Screen.


Recent problems between Versions and

There has been some problems with the app and hopefully with the latest update these have been ironed out. I have outlined the problems that people were facing:

  • Refresh – Before the first update was released the ‘Refresh’ button only worked for the main stop. It was not however (to my knowledge) working for the selected services.
  • News Feeds – There was an issue for a while when you selected the news, the wrong article came up, hence why it was removed until a fix was in place.
  • Favourites – These are only cleared when you re-install the app. Either because you removed it or due to a new phone.


  • News Section: This was still not present. This has now been fixed.
  • Live times: Still a problem. This is due to a live feed that is not working.
  • Live Feed: A temporary fix has been added. This will not function in the same way, please be patient while the Live Feed is updated and another solution is put in place if possible.
  • Live Feed: Live Feed is now working. Live Times is now using the Live feed, temporary solution still in place for a back up. Feed should be faster now.
  • Refresh is now working on all stops and selected stops. This was a fix to replace the temporary solution.


  • Major Bug Fixes.
  • Services: Update the list
  • News Feeds: These are now back.
  • Maps: New Maps have replaced the old maps. A new map on Location Page. Maps now display your current position.
  • Live Times: New ‘Show Stop on a Map’.
  • Updated Help Page


  • Services: The list has been updated
  • Location Maps: Now usable without Location turned on. Just won’t show your position.


  • Improve the timetables: only 4 are showing per route. This now displays all timetables.
  • Location Warning: This problem has been solved. There was a problem, since the change of the location in the code, the warning would show every time a user launches the app.
  • Crashes: Small improvements to figure out why the app crashes. The main cause is problem down to internet and feed.
  • Code Improvements: These are behind the scenes improvements.


  • Services: CSS Service is now working.
  • New Stops: British Airways i360 Stop


  • Services: These have been fixed.
  • Location: Added plus and minus on the location map


  • Services : Updated the Services Icons

Version – In the Store

  • Services: Added the new 7x and i7 Services
  • Bus Stops: – Improved the Bus Stop List speed

Version – App Crashes.


  • Services: Make the list auto populate from the Website. Save the list and update periodically
  • Routes: Save the list and update periodically.
  • Bus Stops List: Improve the visual display of the list.
  • Code Improvements.
  • Live Times: Display more live times on the Live Time page.
  • Crashes: New crash reporting system in place


Version – In the store

This is a workaround to get the live times working again on the app.
The problem is that the live feed has not been working at all.
Please Note: The refresh button will not work. Another update will be needed for this. 

Version the Store (Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile)
App name was changed from BH Buses to Brighton & Hove Buses.


Version 2 to Version 3

Version 2

  • Location aware: Populate Bus Stops on a map.
  • Downloading Data: Notify users when downloading data or when no buses are available.
  • No Network: Notification of the user if there is no network or stop is wrong.
  • Help Section: To include possible errors, that might occur or useful information.
  • Quicker Live Times: Make it easier to access the live times and Favourite Stops.
  • General: Improving small things, that make the app more enjoyable to use.

Version 2.5

  • Improved Feature: No Network – Notification of the user if there is no network or stop is wrong.
  • Location aware: Update the maps to use the live data, option to switch between the two.
  • Rate and Review: A notice to rate and review the app.
  • New Features section: Create a new features section within the app, and not use the description section within the store to detail the new changes.
  • Cosmetic Improvements: Improve the images within the app.
  • Page to be updated remotely about the app: To be able to update a page for the users to see the progress and the feedback.


  • Live Times not working: To fix the live time issue, the live feed has been corrupted and the update will address the feed only.


  • Better error message: Message about stop incorrect or no internet. Ability to email the error in an email.
  • Improve the layout.
  • Under the hood: Improvements under the hood and to get info from what people use within the app.

Version 3 (

  • Layout: Remove pages that are not being used – Social Pages have been removed.
  • Maps: Remove the threshold on the map – let users roam.

Version 3 (

  • Stops: Updated the list of Stops
  • Services: Updated the list of Services