Brighton & Hove Bus App News

I have been very busy since my last post in August 2014, over two years ago. Since 2014 I have changed jobs and been involved with many things. Since May last year and August 2014, I developed a new Website for Brighton Goes Gospel, I still manage this now – which keeps me occupied along with the Bus app.

The good news is that I am still developing the Brighton & Hove Bus app, and I do apologise for the problems that the app has caused.

Future plans for Brighton & Hove Bus App: I will continue to develop the app for as long as possible, my aim this year is to release a Windows 10 UWP app. This means that the app will be one app that looks and works across Windows 10 Mobile and PC only. This app won’t be able to run on the Xbox One, Holographic or Hub – as the app is not vital for these platforms, but if demand want its then I will make sure it’s compatible.

The current development is still very early, there is lots to learn and change with the new code for the UWP apps, but once it’s ready it will be released.