Brighton Bus App and more

Since my last post, I have been very busy. I have recently Started a new Job in London.

Recently Microsoft Announced that they are not focusing on Windows Mobile anymore. There might be new devices in the future, but not as we see them today.

Therefore I will leave the bus app in the store. I will look to transfer this over to Windows 10 (Desktop Only), but I do not have a timeframe for this.

Version 5…

I’ve been very busy recently, however I am working on a new version of the app despite the live feed is not working.

This new version will support Windows 10 only, it will be a UWP app, for non tech people this is a Universal App that will run on any Windows 10 device.

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Bus App Update

Since the new website for Brighton and Hove, there has been a problem with the new feed that supplies the Bus App.

I am currently in talks with Brighton and Hove buses to get this looked into.

Apologies for any inconvenience that this is causing.



New website for Brighton Goes Gospel

I have just launched the brand new website for Brighton Goes Gospel (BGG).

Their website was very outdated and have not been updated for many years.

This new website will start the Autumn Term 2016, with a online sign up form for the very first time and with a Choir Area. Not only has the new website gone live, but they have also got a new PayPal Card reader to accept card payments for the first time.

Normally to sign up, they would have to pay by check or via BACS for the Term. With this new system, they are able to accept new members at the Taster Evening, allow members to pay for BGG T-Shirts, and other merchandise.

This has brought BGG into the 21st Century.

Version 4

Version 4 is a major release since the App was launched. It has taken a long time to get to this stage, partly due to work, but I found time recently to get it launched.

The development of the app will still be continuing in the future…any departure from that I will let you know.

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Matchbox Mobile

I have been in contact with an excellent Mobile App company who design and create apps for Windows Phone and other platforms.

They are based in Brighton and they are called Matchbox Mobile –

They have approached me to help with the design element of the app, to improve the experience that the users get.

I am also aiming to iron out any problems that appear in the current app by doing a complete overhaul of the app.

It is still being developed and created, so please be patient for the new app to be released.


I have become rather busy at the moment. Here’s where I m at:

I am still waiting to hear back from B&H Buses about the app.
Once I have got their answer will submit the app update to the store

Check out what I am doing with the app, on the app page. Have included a date of when I have updated the page, so you can keep an eye on it.