Version 5…

I’ve been very busy recently, however I am working on a new version of the app despite the live feed is not working.

This new version will support Windows 10 only, it will be a UWP app, for non tech people this is a Universal App that will run on any Windows 10 device.

I will first launch it on Mobile first then on Desktop. I will share screenshots of the app nearer the time.

Making this app into the new Universal Windows Platform, means the work is scaleable and I will be able to use the latest tools to hopefully get some extra features working such as, favourites to be synced across devices. The following list is what I will be exploring once the new app is working:

  • Sync Favourites
  • Use Cortana
  • Voice Control

Any feedback is appreciated.

P.S I am working with the third party to get this live feed working again. Once its working the app will perform alot better.