Brighton Goes Gospel have been around for over 18 years. I joined Brighton Goes Gospel (BGG) in February 2016 to look for something new and different to do. I had always been a fan of gospel style music.

BGG have two terms a year and let non-members to try before they commit to a full term. These are called tasters. I deceided to do the whole term and see how it goes.

I went to the first workshop and got in contact with the committee to see if they would like help with their website.

Their website had not been fully been updated for a few years. After the Autumn 2016 Concert we had regular meetings the main features for the website were:

  • Online Sign Up
  • Contact Form
  • Choir Area
  • Photo Gallery

During the summer I created a brand new website for BGG, with the aim of launching in time for the next term – Spring 2016. After many tests the website was launched in time for the Spring Term.

The following features were launched for Spring 2016 Term.

  • Online Sign Up
  • Contact Form
  • Choir Area
    • Forum
    • Podcast for Workshop recordings
    • Areas for the relevent information for the term.
  • Photo Gallery

The website proved to be a big hit with the members, as during the regisitration of the term, around 90% of members used the sign up form and paid online (PayPal or Credit/Debit Card). Before they would have to bay via BACS, Cheque or Post.

Choir Members, were also able to login after registering to access Choir material for the term, and this area would be update regularly during the term.

The Contact Form, was another success, as previously there was no simple way to contact BGG.

During the term we made improvements to the website and ideas for the next term. The contact form was so successful, that they received many more people expressing an interest in the choir as they did before and this also resulted in that the Spring 2016 concert was the first time it was sold out a month before the concert date.


Since 2016, there have been many improvements to the website, including a new Membership system which has more features that the previous one.

Current list of features:

  • Online ticketing system for Choir Members and the Public.
  • Using OneDrive to store the Song Lyrics (Links were created manually, this is to speed up the process of uploading Lyrics)

I am actively supporting this website and assisting them with GDPR

Lou the Creative Director has said the following: “I’ve been wanting a new website for years so this is such a treat having SUCH a great new all singing, all dancing website.”