I first joined the Unit in September 2009, when I started University. During the year the members get taught on various subjects, such as navigation, rules of the road etc.

At certain weekends the members go on ‘Sea Weekends’ in which they go on to practice the classroom lessons. To sign up to the ‘Sea Weekends’ and other social events we used sign-up sheets in the office, so when we were there on Thursdays for Drill (training nights), we would sign up to the events this was the only way to get people to sign up.

After a year I was interested in creating a website, someone within the unit had created a sample one, but was not able to be configurable unlike Joomla.

I created a sample site and then showed that to the then CO of the Unit and it was given the go ahead, the Unit would pay hosting and the website would be used for all bookings of ‘Sea Weekends’, and social events.

After a year, it continued to be used regularly, and the 90% of the events that the members go on it was used for.

I then upgraded the system, in the third year, to a newer Joomla, this enabled me to add extra features, this also meant that certain events we could get Alumni to sign up to them, while keeping the other events hidden, this was not possible with the previous version.

This means that so far 98% of events that members of the Unit participated in were bookable online.

What’s the extra 2%? This is small events that the Unit does, organised by members, such as paintballing, it’s easier for the member, to keep track of the number of people.

All the main events are now bookable on the website.

Information other than events are also on the website, useful information such as a ‘Welcome Document’ created by me, is accessible on the website. This is for the First Year Students.

It continues to be very useful, and helpful for the coxswain, as he gets an email when someone signs up and when they cancel the event. This helps with the work load, also he is able to view whos on what event in a sortable list on the website.


The website is undergoing change. I am currently involved with the change and to migrate the Website from Joomla to WordPress.