A company has a large number of employees, who all have a comapny laptop and the majority of users used a company phone. The company also worked with a number of other companies so tracking laptops which have been brought back.

The problem

There was no way to track laptops and to be able to know how many laptops they have in circulation and if there are any spare laptops/devices. The solution needed to be a quick way to scan a barcode or QR code in order to get the relevant information about the laptop.

The Solution

In order for laptops to be tracked and to be able to check the inventory, a number of SharePoint lists were created. These lists were linked to the employee so that when the device was scanned, the relevant information such as who owns the laptop or who is responsible for the client laptop. 

Mobile app

The mobile app was created to be able to scan laptops when they arrived in the office and to be able to quickly scan and change who uses the device. 


  • Scan laptops/devices
  • Check who the device belongs to
  • Update asset information
  • Add asset information

Desktop app

A desktop app was also created which gave the admins to:

  • Check who a device belongs to
    • Filter by location, device, available or not
  • Update asset information
  • Add asset information