Brighton Flea Market opened in 1990 in an old coaching stop, and later Jowett garage, in fashionable Kemp Town. It followed the same format as the original Newhaven flea market which had been started under the same management in 1975.

They have had a website for a few years and then a few years ago they launched accounts for Facebook and Twitter.

Their website was informative for the public, but there was a lot of potential, for the website to use their stock online. The owner of the Flea Markets wanted to modernise the Website and create an online ad system, similar to Gumtree. This was achievable as Joomla has many ways to create an online stock list.

The new features that have been added, is a slide show, a more prominent location information for the public. Also the ability for the stall holders to be able to post their items that they have either at Brighton or Lewes Flea Markets.

The website was originally built on Joomla, the new site is built on a newer version of Joomla, bringing it up to date with the latest version.

It’s an on-going project, to help the owner with the launch of the online stock page, and to make sure that any teething problems that do occur are dealt in a quick manner.

The number of visitors have increased and the percentage of people leaving the site since launching the new site with the online stock list.


Online Stock List – Ability to expand with a pay per post scheme.

Automated emails – When an ad has been published and email is sent to the admin team to check the published ad(s).

Searchable Stock – Users are now able to search some of the stock that is in the Flea Markets.

Easy to update