Brighton Goes Gospel have been around for over 16 years. I joined Brighton Goes Gospel (BGG) in February 2016 to look for something new and different. I had always been a fan of gospel style music.

When I first saw the website it was very dated and it had not been updated for a while. I joined straight away and I got in touch with the committee from the first rehearsal.  After the Autumn 2016 Concert we had regular meetings and throughout the summer I created a brand new website for BGG. It was launched in time for the Spring Term.

The new website has been a huge success, for the first time ever there is a sign up form on the website and payment via Bank Card or PayPal. Also during the term there are lots of emails with information, so I created a Choir Area, which has very useful.

The new Choir Area, enables the committee to publish information for the Choir to access, also there is a Forum that enables the choir to share information.

One of the main requests was to have a ‘Contact Form’ which has been a huge success, there are has a huge amount of interest in joining the Choir. They are no preparing for the Autumn term 2017, and the interest via the website has been so successful that it’s almost the same size as the Workshop Choir. This brand new website has been very valuable to the Choir and will continue to be in the future.

The Christmas 2016 Concert was the first concert to sell out a whole month before the concert.

Lou the Creative Director has said the following: “I’ve been wanting a new website for years so this is such a treat having SUCH a great new all singing, all dancing website.”