morgan cup2

Fastnet Team 2015 during the Morgan Cup race.

Lagoon Watersports is a well-known Activity centre that Offers an extensive range of activities – Dinghy Sailing, Wakeboarding, Powerboats, Zap Cats, Yachts to name a few. The company was established in 1994 at Hove Lagoon and have expanded to Brighton Marina and Barcelona since launching 21 years ago.

Before the season got underway there was a change to the Membership for the Brighton Marina centre. The previous system was a costly way to sail for those who could not come down every month. It was a one off fee for the year for unlimited hire.

The new scheme would consist of having a three tier membership, that everybody would be able to afford and to be able to have a cheaper membership for those who are unable to come down every week. The membership now consists of Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Bronze is aiming at Students and adults who are unable to come down every week. Silver is for those who are on the old system and are able to come down most weeks. Gold is aimed at mainly family’s who will be sharing their membership within the family.

Along with the new membership levels, Lagoon Watersports launched a credit system. This credit system gives each members a number of credits per month, which they can spend on the different events, courses and other activities at a discount.

The new website, enables members to book on events and talk to people in the forum. This is a great way of members to get together and get on the water by meeting new people.

It also serves as a gateway to learn more about the membership scheme and what it has to offer. There are direct links to sign up using Direct Debit (courtesy of GoCardless). This enables Lagoon Watersports to closely monitor who is paying the membership fee.